PP60 pH


PP60 pH automatically control pH in the pool water. Measuring is done by pH probe. The setup pH value is displayed on a red LED-display which also serves for unit control and setting. PP60 automatically measure and dose the pH liquid into the pool water. PP60 pH is a very compact unit consisting from control unit, pH-probe and dosing pump with an output of 60 ml/min.

PP60 pH

pH Minus

pH Plus

Tekutý přípravek pH PLUS pro zvyšování hladiny pH bazénové vody

Aseko Probe

PP60 pH

pH probe

Technical informations

Whirlpool & Pool
max. Volume 
250 m3
Dosing pump power
60 ml/min. / max 1 bar
Operating temperature
+5 to +40°C
2,2 kg