Aseko Chemicals


Chlorine disinfection based on sodium hypochlorite 10%. Great for disinfection in all types of pools. High efficiency against bacteria, viruses etc.


OXY Pure - aid for oxidation and disposal of organic dirt in the pool water. Provides great oxigenation of pool water.

pH Minus

Liquid reducing the pH, based on anorganic acid. Suitable for pH reduction in all types of pools.

pH Plus

Liquid for increasing pH of pool water. Suitable for pH increasing in all types of pools.


ALGICID is perfect for use in swimming pools & spas. It’s powerful long-lasting, non-foaming algaecide product that prevents and kills all type of algae.


FLOC+C is highly effective blend of polymeric flocculants and coagulants to clarify pool water.


Superchlor without aditives - contains 65 - 70% of active chlor. Extra fast dissolving for quick elimination of all microorganisms. Lower the contant of total chlorine. Oxidize and clear the pool water.


Sanosil super is liquid with highly effective disinfection suitable for the pool and drinking water based on a synergistic effect of both components hydrogen peroxide and silver.

Sea Salt

Sea salt For water treatment for use of electrolyzer. This salt came from Mediterranean Sea where concentration is 3,5%. This means that every m3 of seawater contains 35 kg of salt. However for use with our electrolyzer we use 5-10 times lower concentration. Using sea salt for water treatment significantly reduces the need for other chemicals and also have regenerative effects on your skin. Maintain pH 7,5 in your pool. Lower pH increases the corrosive effect of salt water and reduces lifespan of electrodes.