CHLORINE Technology

Chlorine as a disinfectant Chlorine is one of the most widely used disinfectants. It is very effective for the deactivation of pathogenic microorganisms. Chlorine can be easily applied, measured and controlled. Chlorine has been used for applications, such as the deactivation of pathogens in drinking water, swimming pool water and wastewater, for more than two hundred years. 

There are two main types of chlorinating agents:
Inorganic, such as sodium hypochlorite liquid or calcium hypochlorite granular. Recommended to use with ASIN Aqua Water Treatment.

Organic, such as chlorine tablets (trichloroisocyanuric acid) forbidden to use with ASIN Aqua Water Treatment.

Use biocid products safely. Read all precautionary and first aid statements before use.




SALT Technology

Salt water Inspired by nature, salt electrolysis systems generate chlorine from salt Na Cl (sodium chlorid) dissolved in the water. The salt needed for it to work only has to be added once to the pool at a concentration of 2-4 g/l (kg/m3), which is 10 times less than that of seawater This system avoids the risks involved in transport, handling and dosing large quantities of a dangerous water treatment chemicals.

Use biocid products safely. Read all precautionary and first aid statements before use.


Electrolyzer TE 25


Oxygen Technology

Oxygen Latest chlorine-free disinfection technology based on excellent combination of chemical aids and active oxygen. Removing of all impurities as well as larger bacteria by filtering, thanks to unique mixture of coagulant and flocculant FLOC+C. After injection to coagulation mixer gather even the smallest impurities to create larger floccules that can be perfectly filtered by the special AFM (Activated Filter Media). Thanks to the perfect mechanical treatment of water, it is sufficient to use minimum chemicals to keep the water clean and safe. The principle of good disinfection and removal of algae is the modern polymeric non-oxidative ALGICIDE. Very comfortable for skin. The OXYPURE preparation then only serves for oxidation of water and its sparkling appearance.

Use biocid products safely. Read all precautionary and first aid statements before use.


FILTRATION Improvement

AFI Aseko Filtration Improvement
a unique combination of chemical and physical processes for crystal clear water with minimal need for aggressive disinfectants

  • Removes as much particles and bacteria as possible from the water.
  • What is filtered out don’t has to be oxidised -> reduced disinfection consumption.
  • Less toxic disinfection by-products.


FLOC+C is a combined product of coagulation components and flocculation polymers. Coagulation and flocculation are a combination of physical and chemical procedures which assist in the removal of small particles from pool water.

In combination with AFM® and a Coagulation mixer will achieve the best possible filtration performance.


Special pump for low flow injection of FLOC+C into the Coagulation mixer

Coagulation Mixer

Amplifies coagulation and flocculation reactions of FLOC+C and improve the filtration performance

AFM filtration media

AFM Activated Filtration Media

Filters at least twice as good as sand.
Bio-resistant: Prevents bacterial growth.
Same performance for many years.
Sustainable product made of recycled glass.